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Earthing and Lightning Protection


The initial intention when we started matra in 1982 was to offer consulting engineering services in the field of Industrial Electronic systems. 

Most of our assignments entailed reliability and/or maintenance problems on existing systems, controlling continuous processes.

It was soon recognized that many reliability problems stemmed from poor Earthing  or Grounding & Bonding Practices, Screening and/or Surge Protection. This proved to be typical for all systems investigated, whether it was high voltage power distribution systems or analog electronic systems.

We were shocked at how superficial our knowledge was and realised that other electrical engineers were not much better. The situation at electrician level was also shocking. Hence we decided to specialize in the field of EARTHING & LIGHTNING PROTECTION.

It is only now (after 24 years in the business) that we can claim to offer a genuine SYSTEMS APPROACH. This is essential to achieve 100% protection and a cost-effective design.

Fixed Fee Quoted in Advance

Almost all work in this field is undertaken against a Fixed & Firm Fee. The work can be split into 3 headings as follows:

Design Assignments - At Project Design stage

(Although you may not have our fee in your budget, we do guarantee that the cost of implementation will be insignificant. How ? by ensuring that the measures will be integrated into the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical systems at no extra cost. In addition, we will not bury your money for the sake of providing a “good earth”.)

Design Assignments covering the whole industrial project but especially focused on:

  • Power Substation:
  • Computer systems:
  • Instrumentation:
  • Hazardous Areas:

Earthing, Bonding & Lightning Protection.
Earthing & Lightning & all EMI/EMC measures.
Earthing & Lightning & all EMI/EMC measures.
Earthing, Bonding & Lightning Protection.

Design Assignments in strategic industries such as:

  • Military & Comms Site:
  • Petro-Chem Projects:

Earthing & Lightning & all EMI/EMC measures.
Earthing , Bonding & Lightning Protection. 

Existing Installations

Investigations and Trouble Shooting:

  • Power Systems:
  • Instrumentation System:
  • Automation Systems:
  • Large Computer Sites:

Repetitive Damage due to Lightning Surges
Spurious Signals or Component damage.
Data Communication reliability problems
UPS & Raw power supplies, Cabling etc.

Audit Reports (Survey)

  • Earthing & Protection of HV, MV & LV Systems
  • (Typically against standardised Scope-of-Work)

(This Standard format is amended to suit the priorities of individual clients)


Item 1:

Conduct tests to establish Resistance to Earth of those electrodes that can be isolated for Test purposes.

Item 2:

Conduct Bond Tests to establish integrity of joins, etc. This will be done to get an assessment of the degree of degradation due to corrosion.

Item 3:

Conduct Soil Resistivity Test at least one location for assessment of electrodes that cannot be measured and for the design of supplementary electrodes that may be required.

Item 4:

Check Conductor Sizing against maximum fault level to assess adequacy of short-time current-carrying-capacity.

Item 5:

Fault level calculations.

Item 6:

Collect protection data.

Item 7:

Provide Relay Grading Settings.

Item 8:

Compile a Report which will provide:

  1. A realistic Assessment of what exists; and
  2. A set of Recommendations, which will be aimed at improving the earthing to be at a level that is justified in the most cost-effective manner. These Recommendations will include detailed drawings, instructions and illustrations, which will enable you to implement the recommendations without specialized outside assistance.

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