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Computer-Based Training 

Introduction to matra’s unique form of CBT:

Our claim-to-fame is the use of animation and superb graphics together with narration in simple English. The powerful facilities of the computer are exploited to show in a dramatic and enjoyable form, the difficult-to-explain concepts found in science and engineering.

We have met the challenge of explaining theoretical concepts to people who have had no academic education. The barrier posed by the lack of foundation knowledge is eliminated. Even the language barriers can be overcome by our brand of animated CBT.

The matra methodology

We list 6 features of the matra methodology that we have developed over many years.

1. Programmed Linear Learning

  • We assume that the candidate has very little or no prior knowledge.
  • We build up the knowledge base in very small doses and in a carefully chosen sequence.

The result is, no questions, and no confusion.

2. Graphics

  • We assume that the candidate hates to read. So we use pictures and only present text to reinforce a message, rather than to convey a message.
  • The graphics are colourful, attractive and instantly displayed.

The result is no lack of attention or concentration.

3. Animation

  • Some form of movement is introduced to every graphic to emphasize the message.
  • Complex concepts are rendered very simple to explain by leaving nothing to the imagination.
  • We do not presume that the candidate has an “analytical brain“ and can “work it out for himself.“ We use animation to show what actually happens.
  • It takes a fraction of time to convey complex concepts.

Old norms of who “has the right background” no longer apply.

The illiterate candidate can be included and catered for in the training program.

4. Speech

  • Carefully chosen wording accompanies every graphic image.
  • Two alternating voices are used to break any tendency towards being hypnotic.

The optimum wording is applied every time.

Infinite patience is available.

5. Navigation

  • Via three simple buttons, the candidate can go Forward, Backward or Repeat.

The result is, the weaker candidate can go as slow as he likes to compensate for his poor learning skills and yet still absorb the knowledge.

Better retention is guaranteed by the facility of repetition.

By going backward, the candidate obtains clarity which he achieves by himself without the embarrassment of “asking the teacher.”

6. Tests and Assessment

  • Candidates are compelled to think for themselves because they cannot move to the next section without answering a few questions.
  • The questions are designed to motivate and to add a sense of achievement.

Result is greater clarity of understanding and even better retention, etc.

The above allows us to more effectively meet the primary objective of training, which is:

To Transfer Knowledge and Practical Skills

Benefits of CBT

The numerous benefits of CBT can be placed under 3 broad headings:

  • MORE EFFECTIVE in achieving the objectives of training.
  • IDEAL DELIVERY in that, the variable costs and human factors are almost eliminated.
  • INVESTMENT VALUE: via a small increase in capital cost, a drastic decrease in delivery costs is achieved.

Please consider the following explanations:


Take the amount of knowledge transferred, divided by the time it takes and you have Learning Curve. This curve is very flat using conventional classroom methods to train non-academic people.

By using 1-on-1 CBT, a much steeper learning curve is obtained. Comparative studies, conducted many years ago (before computers became Multi-Media) concluded, “you learn twice as much in half the time”.  More recent comparisons, that consider retention, conceptual understanding and relevance show that people “learn twice as much in a quarter of the time”.

This amounts to a tenfold improvement in effectiveness of training.


By using a computer to deliver the training, the following benefits are provided:

  • Access: At almost zero cost-of-delivery, employers can afford to give many more employees access to high quality training.
  • Equality: The robotic features of the computer ensures that:
    • All candidates receive equally high standard of training;
    • All candidates are forced to participate equally in their own learning; and
    • Assessment and Competence Testing by computer is Impartial and Accurate.
  • Flexibility: The 1-on-1 mode instead of group training gives maximum possible flexibility in terms of : venue, dates, cancellations, team strengths, transport costs, etc.


To develop a course costs money, irrespective of the media used. For any course to be effective, its development must be undertaken with the highest levels of expertise, enthusiasm and hard work. The beauty of CBT is that the investment value is guaranteed via the following:

  1. The development work is captured and embedded in a permanent medium.
  2. The permanent medium includes not only the Contents but also the Delivery.
  3. The end-product (Compact Disc) is a tangible Asset, which requires no operational costs, maintenance or even storage space. 
  4. The CD encapsulates the highest possible expertise available in a Once-Off effort and at a Once-Off cost.

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