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How expensive is CBT?

Compared to conventional training methods, CBT costs twice as much to develop. To find the true cost of producing a course internally is very difficult.

To find the total cost of producing a CBT is extremely simple, just ask matra for a quote. We will give you a Fixed and Firm Fee based on a clear Scope-of-Work which is based on meeting your training objectives.

All we ask for is that you give us the opportunity, before you presume that it is too expensive.

To give global numbers we can say that the minimum time required by us to produce a course is 3 months. The average is 6 months.

We tend to say that a minimum fee is R40 000.00 and the average is R80 000.00, based on the assignments undertaken over the past two years.

The biggest factor is the amount of engineering expertise that we need to allocate to the origination phase.

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