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EP1 - Essential Knowledge for all Engineers

A puzzling topic explained via animated sequences.

Cube - EP1

Offered since 1985 by:
matra engineering services

"Endorsed for Continuing Education" by:
Institute of Electrical Engineers 

SA Institute of Electrical Engineers 

Why do we need it?

Ask any Expert on SAFETY & LOSS CONTROL to name the most serious source of RISK and he will answer:


Mention SAFETY, FIRE and RELIABILITY to an Electrical Expert and he will respond with:


Ask the Authorities and they will tell you that:


Question the OBJECTIVES & PRIORITIES of EARTHING and you will find that it is all rather SUBJECTIVE and that there isn't much agreement amongst the experts.

Codes of Practice differ from Country-to-Country, from Town-to-Town and from Mine-to-Mine. The result is a lack of credibility and motivation.

So, if the average Electrician is TOTALLY CONFUSED, about such an important topic, it is clearly not acceptable. We owe him some QUALITY TRAINING.


Who is it designed for?

A FOUNDATION course for all:

  • Apprentices to Electrical Engineers
  • Instrument Technicians to Mechanical Engineers

A GENERIC training course for all sectors:

  • Mining to Domestic Installations
  • Industrial to Utilities


What are the benefits of CBT?

The development of this course demanded specialist expertise and thousands of man-hours. CBT allowed us to encapsulate this effort so that ALL candidates receive the following benefits:

  • Our courses provide Programmed Linear Learning. This means that prior knowledge is not assumed. We build up the Candidate's knowledge slowly, in a planned sequence.
  • The course being One-on-One, the pace of learning is determined by the individual candidate.
  • There is no boring text to read. Every lesson comprises of speech and animations which are exploited to:
    • Add life and retention to mundane facts. 
    • Simplify even the most complex principles found in electrical engineering.
  • Student assessment is stress-free, yet it is objective and fair to everyone.
  • In addition to the Quality-of-Contents, our methodology also  guarantees the Quality-of-Delivery.





Meet your Trainer

Teaching the Candidates how to use the CD-Based Training Course.



Explaining the practical significance of the theory taught by institutes.



The misconceptions held by most Electricians lead to dangerous practices and a false sense of security.


Dangers of Electricity 

Serious injuries and fatalities occur due to Arcing Faults. Few Trainees are ever informed of this danger.


System Earthing 

Mistakes at this level will affect the WHOLE system, so we must clearly explain the OBJECTIVES and the METHODS.


Earth Electrodes 

Why do some people use RODS and others use TRENCH earths, MATS, PLATES, etc?


Equipment Earthing 

Why and how must equipment be earthed? Does the Earthing affect their performance?


Earth Conductors 

These conductors should never carry current, yet they are the most important of any installation.


Conductor Spacing 

The Heavy Current Electricians must appreciate the importance of correct conductor routing.



Earth Conductors that have burnt-off are only discovered after the event of the fault.



Probably the most effective safety measure. Yet, this is not the only benefit!



Expensive Protection Schemes can be rendered useless by ineffective earthing.



It used to be MEN and PME in the old days. Now SABS 0292 has changed that.



"Should this gutter be earthed?



"How can we test our earths?
Should we test?"



Lightning is explained clearly via animation. Concepts of protecting buildings and people are explained.

2 Versions to Suit your needs

The course is available in two versions:

No Questions Asked (NQA) Version

Its the same course, but there are no certification formalities. Hence, this version can be made available at almost any location.

The objective of this version is to encourage those would-be electricians who may be fearful or reluctant to go through any form of testing.

Once they have been exposed to our format of CBT, they are keen to do the certificate version. this "double take" costs no extra.

The basic charge for the NQA version is R400 per candidate for those who attend at Matra premises.

Please note that the candidate does not receive any hand-out or certificate, but he / she is registered. This is to allow him / her to progress to the Certificate version at a later date.

This session will be charged at R480 and will include notes, certificate, etc.

Certificate Version

The candidate is tested at the end of each section by the computer, under human supervision. This version is only available at our Randburg offices and at certain training centers. (Please enquire if you cannot come to Randburg).

The cost per candidate is R880 which includes one set of notes, the certificate and lunch etc. These candidates qualify to attend the more advanced Part 2 course which covers Lightning Protection, UPS's and Electronic Systems.


We have done our best to reach those who need it the most. If you need a demo, please ask?



Any queries? Feel free to contact:

Mr.: Dave Leigh
matra engineering services
7 Kirsten Avenue - Vandia Grove
2125 Randburg. South Africa
Telephone: +2711 462 5844
Fax: +2711 462 5833
E-mail: dave@matra.co.za

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