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1-Stop Production Service

We offer to produce a complete CBT course tailored to meet your requirements. We want to be challenged by the most difficult training problems found in industry.

Alternatively we can convert your existing training materials into the matra CBT format.

matra's Resources

Our in-house resources include the following:

  • Contents Expertise (Engineering & Operational)
  • Training & Authoring Expertise.
  • Multi-media Expertise & Equipment.

Expert Authors

Although the target group may not require design knowledge, we firmly believe that the maximum level of expertise must be applied at the concept & authoring stage.

Some people contest this by saying, “We don’t need a Brain Surgeon to teach us how to push a wheelbarrow”. Our attitude is that the authoring is a once-off effort, so we may as well get input from the best brains in the business.

Typically, an experienced commissioning engineer is best qualified to teach how the plant or machinery must be operated. “But commissioning engineers are not trainers!”

Maybe, but we must capture the experience and expertise of the commissioning engineer into the courseware. This always requires a team-effort to extract the critical knowledge from the experts and present this in a clear format. 

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