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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should consider CBT:

Most professionals have spent about 4 years at college, learning their chosen subject. More importantly, they have learnt how-to-learn. Hence, their vocational training requires very little effort by the employer; “Just throw a text book at him and he will absorb it.”

However, to provide effective training to less-literate people, demands very effective trainers.

An effective trainer is a very gifted person, because he or she has to be:

  • a born teacher or at least, a people’s person
  • technically very knowledgeable and competent
  • highly motivated, creative and patient.

Such super-trainers are very rare and their time is very valuable. To have such people conducting the same lectures over-and-over again, is a waste of a valuable human resource.

Thanks to CBT, there is no need for trainers to conduct repetitive training. The computer can provide individual, one-on-one, self-paced training, without the need for the expert or trainer to be present.

How does matra’s CBT work?

If the candidate has never before been exposed to computers, then the training secretary clicks the button labeled “Meet your Trainer”. 

The computer then explains that “it” is like a “talking text book”. The candidate is then shown how the mouse is used to “turn the pages” and answer questions.

Sample pages are used to show how each “page” comprises of a picture and speech. The picture may be a simple graphic, a photograph, a clip of video or an animated sequence of graphics.

The candidate pages through the book, in a pre-determined sequence.  Hence, the candidate cannot skip over any material. Candidates are encouraged to repeat and go back, until all facts and concepts are fully understood.

Our productions come in the form of a Compact Disc, which is inserted into a standard PC equipped with a CD ROM drive and loudspeakers or earphones.

Typically, one CD holds one course, which takes one day to complete.

NQF and OBE System 

Q: Is matra CBT material Outcomes-Based?

A: Yes. The following extract is taken from the official South African Qualifications Authority Bulletin 2 (Feb 1998) Page 17

“SAQA has defined this as outcomes which learners must realize. For example, this implies immediately that the approach:

  • a). Must be learner-centered … which represents a complete paradigm shift from the historical teacher-centered approach.
  • b). A far more focused set of learning resources is required.“ 
  • c). Requires far greater accountability from the providers. The job is not completed by delivering the information and carrying out some kind of assessment, whether in an industry training setting or in a formal institution. The results of the education process must be seen in the clearly defined capacities of the learner.
  • d).Requires a far broader definition of learning institutes."

matra CBT material obviously complies fully with points "a" and "b" of the above requirements. This is because matra CBT material includes more than Contents and Assessment. It also includes the Delivery of the training. This means when Accreditation is awarded to a matra course the whole process is vetted - hence our accountability is far greater than that of other providers. matra CBT material is developed for the weakest learner and hence point "c", “capacity of the learner” is provided for. matra obviously complies with point "d".

General Compliance with OUTCOMES-BASED-EDUCATION

In more general terms, we can confirm the matra CBT methodology meets OBE as follows:

  1. Learner Centered: No Teacher, Lecturer nor facilitator is required.
  2. Learner Directed: Learner works at his/her own pace without external influences.
  3. Competency-Based: Learners cannot progress from section to section without answering questions correctly.
  4. Focuses on "Why & How": An explanation, which is comprehensive and scientifically correct, is provided before the learner is told WHAT to do or learn.  Explanations previously considered to be either “too complex” or “above them” are provided in an understandable format.
  5. matra can produce material that is even more focused on the outcome by different interactive methods developed over the past 5 years.

Q: Does matra CBT material meet the objectives of the NQF?

A: Yes. The keywords found in the 5 objectives of the NQF are quoted with our comments as follows:

“an integrated national framework“

The matra methodology is ideal for both school and industry environments.

“facilitate access to …” 

By rendering the cost of delivery to an absolute minimum, all institutions and industry can afford to allow a greater range of learners, especially from the lower ranks, to gain access to our brand of CBT.

enhance the quality of education & training"

Firstly, we capture the expertise of the most qualified experts on the subject to author the CBT material. Secondly, the quality of our material is much higher due to the far greater effort applied in the course preparation. For example:

  • We produce more than 10 times the amount of graphics used by the professional lecturer and about 50 times more than what is found in the average text book.
  • Our methodology demands that we apply a far greater level of expertise to ensure that all steps of required knowledge are presented and ...
  • ... are presented in the most correct and logical sequence for learning purposes.

Finally, our material includes not only the content but also the delivery of that material. This ensures that the whole learning process provided is guaranteed to be of a consistent high quality.

accelerate the redress of past unfair …”

The step-by-step methodology ensures that the weakest learners are given maximum assistance and opportunity to achieve greater levels of competence and understanding.

contribute to the full personal development of each leaner.“

As the matra CBT material is 100 % Learner-centered, each leaner receives equal opportunity for personal development.

and the social and economic development of the nation at large

This calls for Capacity-building, which our brand of CBT provides like no other system.

Only in some future-perfect world, where all education and training is delivered by the matra brand of CBT, will the ideals and objectives of the NQF be achieved, automatically.

Q: Where does matra CBT fit into the Learning Process?

A: The computer can be used to relieve the teacher of repetitive teaching and allow the teacher to focus on the development of thinking skills, group sessions, practical exercises etc.

Our methodology achieves this function very efficiently and serves to level out the gaps between knowledge of the learners.

Alternatively, the computer may be used as an exercise and assessment tool. This is what most institutions prefer because they feel confident that they have the capacity to teach but always welcome any assistance they can get to test the outcomes of their teaching.

Obviously, matra believes that the computer should provide both functions. 

This allows the teacher to spend more time doing those functions which the computer can never do - ie.:

  • Listen to the Learners
  • Assess special needs
  • Teach Learners how to think

Within the fields of our expertise (Engineering, Technology and Science) we find it impossible to teach people problem-solving skills when their basic knowledge of technical principles is lacking.

Hence the reason why we recommend that the basic knowledge needs to be imparted using the most powerful aid on earth. Only upon a solid foundation of knowledge, can the higher levels of application, synthesis and evaluation be taught or acquired.

matra CBT will always be designed for the teaching of both CONTENT and PROCESS.

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