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What courses are “off-the-shelf”?

Earthing for Electricians – Part 1

This course is aimed at all levels of people who do technical work in the electrical business. From Apprentices to qualified Electricians, Instrument Technicians and Senior Electrical Inspectors. Needless to say, the course provides essential knowledge for all engineers, from mechanical to consulting electrical engineers.

The Electricity Business

This course was originally designed as an induction training course. It is aimed at all levels of people who work in the electrical business from typists to engineers. It provides basic but essential knowledge to all employees of electrical utility companies. The tricky concept of what is energy is explained, how it is produced and eventually how it is paid for.

Boiler Operators Course

The first part of the course covers theoretical concepts and how boilers work (Water & Fire Tube Boilers). The second part focuses on the operation of Fire Tube boilers. The course is intended to enhance the knowledge of experienced boiler operators and learner operators.

Other generic courses that we are busy developing at our own expense, are:

  • Engineering Basics (Designed to be a bridging course)
  • Automation for Operators
  • Earthing for Technicians (Part 2 of Electricians)
  • Water Treatment Plant 
  •  Industrial Safety

To-date we have produced the following courses for  the local Pulp & Paper industry: 

  1. Waste Paper Plant Operation
  2. PM2 Re-Build (Liner Board Machine)
  3. Rewinder & Skiver Operation
  4. River Pump & Purification Plant Operation
  5. Alum & Size Plant Operation
  6. Broke & Clearwater Plant Operation
  7. Pandia Digester Plant Operation


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