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Quality of Power

Clients who experience power quality problems need to ensure that the Earthing of their systems is as good as it can be. This is one of the few variables that are within his control, so it makes sense to have this optimised.

However, the problem of power quality demands a systems approach in order to find the root cause and solutions. The investigation starts at studying the symptoms from which logical deductions can be made to narrow the search for the root cause.

The systems approach demands knowledge of:

  1. How the external and internal power distribution systems respond to power disturbances.
  2. The sensitivities of the victim equipment and withstand limits.
  3. How to interpret the data obtained from power quality analysers.
  4. Mitigation strategies at power distribution level.
  5. Measures which can be taken at equipment level.

We have our own Power Quality Analysers (Fluke and Dranetz) to conduct the necessary on-site monitoring.

The topic is very similar to Earthing and Lightning Protection in that there is a lot of confusion in the minds of the end-users. This is due to the lack of training provided by the institutions and general lack of unbiased technical literature available.

Hence, the services we offer in this field of Quality of Power are very similar to what we offer in the field of Earthing and Lightning Protection. Needless to say, we can offer the best value-for-money when clients engage us to cover both aspects of electrical engineering.

The final product is a matra Report which presents cost-effective solutions which are not biased towards any brand of equipment or technology. 

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